It was midnight. I was on the way home from a party. 'It was a nice party', I thought about it on the way home. Suddenly I tumbled and fell into a young man. »Oh sorry!«, I said and moved on. But he followed me. I was frightened. I went a bit faster, but I heard his steps again. I turned around and shoutes at him: »What are you doing there?! Get out of my way!«. »Woooow, wooow, wooow!«, he said. »Chill down. I just wanted to ask you out on a date«. I thought about it. »Okay«, I said. »Lets got to Buckles Steve«.

We had a really nice rest evening and at 4 o'clock I refounded me in his bed.


I screamed. I ran faster and faster through the forest. I shouted and cried, but no one heard it. Looking over my shoulder I saw him. He was just two maybe three meters behind me.
I ran for my life. Sweat ran over my face, mixed with tears. I was so frightened, I didn't look at the bottom. This was my big mistake. I tumbled into a stone and I fell on the ground. Feeling a big pain at my knees and arms, I looked at them. They were bleeding. Nevertheless I tried to move on but he was faster. I felt a hard blow in my face.
Everything got dark.

Five minutes later everything was quiet.
A man came out of the forest, a smile on his face.

Ein kleiner Psycho-Thriller von einer Freundin und mir - Und deshalb auf Englisch, weil wir eine spannende und mysteriöse Story in Englisch schreiben mussten^^
Wie hat sie euch gefallen?
Ich würde mich sehr über Rückmeldungen freuen ;)

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